Wilson Book Group Statement Concerning Online Piracy

As the ebook marketplace continues to grow at an extraordinary rate, and as Wilson Book Group explores and partakes of the many new and exciting opportunities presented by the digital world, at the forefront of our digital strategy is a firm commitment to battling piracy.  

Wilson Book Group has engaged Attributor, a Digimarc company, for its state-of-the-art antipiracy service: Digimarc GuardianSM, to help protect its copyrighted publications in the online environment. Attributor’s services enable us to take fast action to have infringing copies removed quickly from websites. Attributor scans hundreds of millions of pages a day from sites worldwide, including cyberlockers and peer-to-peer sites, matching content found on the web using metadata provided by Wilson Book Group, and supplementing these automated efforts with round-the-clock human verification teams around the world. Attributor tracks all digitized titles published by the imprints of Wilson Book Group, and using its services we have greatly increased our ability to detect, analyze and remove infringements. Attributor also maintains a dedicated portal for reporting infringements. While Attributor is working round the clock to detect and remove infringing posts, we encourage you to report any possible infringement in order to increase the likelihood of prompt takedown. Attributor’s 24/7 service will both speed the takedown process and minimize illegal downloads when infringements occur.


Our commitment to combating piracy doesn’t end there.  We participate in industry initiatives under the auspices of our parent company, Kombination Kouture, and through the Association of American Publishers. And of course, you can always let us know about any suspected infringement, or if you have any questions regarding this issue.   


The proliferation of unauthorized sharing and downloading requires constant vigilance and an evolving understanding of the latest techniques being used to illegally distribute our works.  Although we are in an ongoing battle against adversaries who employ increasingly sophisticated methods and are determined to operate outside the bounds of decency and law, authors, agents, publishers, booksellers and concerned citizens can make a difference in this fight.  Our joint efforts are critical if we are to fully realize the many exciting opportunities for growth that we are afforded in the new era of digital publishing.    


Thank you in advance for your help in fighting piracy.

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