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Lisa K. Stephenson

American Author, Publisher, and Speaker
About the Author

Lisa K. Stephenson of The Bronx, New York is the Owner and Chief Executive Officer of Kombination Kouture Company, a commerce through it's many divisions and subsidiaries have begun to make its way into the lives and hearts of many. 


Ms. Stephenson is a native of The Bronx, New York. As the daughter of a single parent and from a family immersed in African-American studies, she determined early on that education, independence and equal justice were important for all women and men of color. Her educational development began as a student at Monroe College of New Rochelle where she earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice with honors. Lisa is now an author, motivational speaker, entrepreneur and philanthropist.


Professionally, Lisa owns and manages the following companies and subsidiaries, Kombination Kouture LLC, She's SINGLE Magazine and Wilson Book Group as well as authoring and touring novels such as The Yellow Brownstone and Even My Hair Is Mad. Her latest self-help book entitled: Love Smart, Love Independently is set to release Fall 2020. In the interim, Lisa has begun conducting workshops, seminars and hosting podcasts where she delivers a powerful message to women, How to Have it All: Independence and Healthy Intimacy. 


The idea of becoming an entrepreneur came to Lisa when she discovered that many women do not have the privilege of creating generational wealth for the families they raise. Lisa wishes to change this. She has also served time in the United States Army where she learned the importance of discipline, time and self-regulation.


Ms. Stephenson possesses a vast amount of experience as a leader, speaker, writer and business consultant leading numerous successful business campaigns and book tours. She has several years of active membership and involvement in many civic and community organizations. Lisa currently resides in The Bronx, New York.

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